Luc Miles have always had a particolar approach with music. During his adolescence he has been attracted by afro, hip-hop and R&B music, from the great classics to the new releases. Luc had a costant musical learning and growing up he contradictorily started to approach to the electronic music world. Going often to different clubs, he quickly understood that he was intensely attracted by a total discordant musical style, comparing to his past trends. Seduced by the club culture and by the dark and hypnotic sounds of the minimal music, Luc tried to learn different techniques in order to produce his music. His experience of producer started as an hobby during the last years of high school.

His real first EP "La Patineta" was published in 2009 under Alex Young's label, Kraft Records. From that year Luc started to publish numerous tracks under labels like Gomma, Malatoid, Society 3.0, Apt. International and Natural Rhythm. During the years were born also important collaborations with artists like Lucio Malatoid, Alex Piccini, Wigbert, Ian Pooley, Matt Star, Horatio and some of his tracks were played by djs of the caliber of Mendo, Ellen Alien, Josh Wink, Markus Homm, Martin Eyerer, Roger Sanchez and many others.

Meticulous and perfectionist, in studio Luc selects ethnic and sensual melodies, trying to filter them in the ethics of the house and techno music. Congas, maracas and researched cymbals steadily nourish, with a cheerful and lively rhythm, the full-bodied and powerful bass line. The main suction is to bind and mix the electronic with the warm sounds of jazz and world music.

Talking about his dj sets, Luc doesn't subscrive himself to a main genre, but includes all the various branches of the house and techno music. The approach with every dancefloor, with a more or less numerous public, is to create a warm, harmonius and festive groove through an instinctive and well-balanced selection of LPs.